ALL businesses, large or small, can be affected by business crime and its devastating effects on business profitability and continuity.  
The DaC method will be to conduct a survey of the business activities, identify the potential and actual crime risks and develop a preventative strategy, and then introduce policies and procedures and - more importantly - encourage the right culture through training and education, to prevent business crime from occurring in the first place. 
We have conducted risk assessment in North Wales, Merseyside and Cheshire. 
DaC takes a practical approach by considering the following aspects: 
recruiting and managing staff 
how the organisation works 
the procedures for safeguarding goods, materials and information 
physical crime prevention 
IT security 
intellectual property security 
risk analysis 
actions to prevent 
If you have suffered a business loss or are concerned about business continuity then DaC is able to conduct investigations into the source of your problems, and recommend solutions to prevent future losses. 

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For further information contact us for a visit and informal discussion or a presentation at a management meeting. 
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