This course has been designed for workers in either the public, private or voluntary sector who deal with the public and are confronted by difficult or aggressive people.  This course discusses the different reasons and triggers why people become difficult and aggressive and examines the candidates own feelings in those situations.  It will provide guidance and responsibilities on legislation such as health, safety and criminal law for both employers and employees.  The communication process is explained and its importance in preventing and managing difficult people and conflict.  Customer care in managing expectations and how poor customer care can cause conflict situations.  Good practical guidance will be given to provide candidates with the confidence and ability to deal with the difficult situations.  The final element is reflecting upon conflict situations and providing support.  

Course content  
Dealing with Conflict: 5 steps . .
STEP 1: Recognising Difficult Situations 
What do we mean by conflict? 
Violence at Work 
What do we learn from research? 
Rules versus Logic 
STEP 2: Accepting our own Prejudices 
Sexual orientation 
Gender reassignment 
Religion or belief 
Pregnancy and maternity 
Marriage and civil partnership 
STEP 3: Listening to What Our Bodies are Telling Us 
Fight, flight or freeze 
Signs of escalation 
Our own feelings 
Emotional and rational responses 
STEP 4: Communication 
4 stages of effective communication 
LIstening to customers 
Non-verbal communication 
dynamic risk assessment 
STEP 5: Resolution 
Reflection and learning 
Win-win situations 
Why should you attend this course?  
Have you been abused, bullied, threatened or assaulted at work?Have you witnessed your colleagues being abused, bullied, threatened or assaulted at work 
How did you feel? 
Did you know how to deal with it? 
Is there any lasting effect?  
Are your employers aware? 
What action has your employer taken to resolve the situation? 
Do you have to deal with difficult people or behaviour in the workplace? 
Would you like to be confident in dealing with difficult people? 
Do you want to know how to deal with these difficult situations? 
Do you spend too much time dealing with conflict? 
Would you benefit from de-escalation skills? 
Do you want to gain confidence and practical skills in dealing with aggressive people? 
Do you need to know what the law says about dealing with conflict? 
If you have answered YES to any of these questions then this course is for you. 
Call today for details of next available dates.  
Join us at Glyndwr University on Thursday 3rd November 2016 for an interactive seminar. 
This event will begin at 9am  
Theatr B, Canolfan Edward Llwyd, Mold Road, Wrexham, LL11 2AW  
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