What will candidates learn?  
Candidates who attend this course will learn the importance of effective communication, assertiveness, and the attitude and behaviour cycle. 
They will also gain an understanding of how to handle complaints and deal with difficult behaviour.  
Finally, they will appreciate the significance of leaving the customer satisfied with the service they have received. 
• Why customer care is important 
• Who are our customers? 
• Effective Communication 
• Assertiveness 
• Attitude/Behaviour Cycle 
• Handling Complaints 
• Dealing with Difficult Behaviour 
• Leaving the Customer 
What will I learn from attending this course?  
You will be able to recognise internal and external customers, and their importance to your organisation.  
An understanding of why it is necessary to create a positive impression, and  
maintain customer service standards will be achieved.  
You will explore reasons why good presentation matters, and factors which affect the ways in which we communicate.  
Types of communication, and the communication cycle, along with barriers to effective communication.  
The attitude-behaviour cycle will be considered, along with customer expectations (and those of your employer).  
Quality of the service you provide, along with how you leave the customer, completes the delivery of this course.  
Remember - you only have one chance to make a good impression People make judgements in the first 30 seconds! 
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